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Land & Sea Legging

Land & Sea Legging

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High waist, big pocket, less wasted fabric! From the gym to the surf, and everywhere in between. Cut for absolute minimal waste to save fabric and therefore carbon emissions and pollution. I invested a lot of time in good design to bring these unique and so very comfortable pants to you. The only leftover fabric is enough for a hair elastic, which I'll also send to you.

The fabric used is made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon and it is STUNNING! Shiny compression fabric for excellent exercise pants and the high waist means zero annoying roll down.

What's the deal with clothing and waste? In the fashion industry, a typical garment will be made with about 15% waste. Based on 2016 figures (there is always a time lag in this data), I calculated this to equate to 1900 laps of the Earth's equator in fabric going to landfills every year. Say what!? So our Minimalist and Land & Sea leggings are cut for no waste. All the fabric goes into the pattern. Does that mean a compromise in fit? Gosh no! These fit like a dream to your body. No constantly adjust the pants, because I design for real bodies, not some CAD created average that doesn't fit anyone. 

Ocean lovers, I am making these for you right here in my Perth store in sizes 4 - 22. This means I can make them just for you! Do you need longer or shorter legs? Higher or lower waist? Is the pocket on the left, instead of the right? Looser or tighter on the waistband. All of these options are possible. Just drop me a line.



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