We are Ocean Lovers

Our Mission: 

To create inclusive swim and active wear for healthy humans and healthy oceans.

Our Values:

  • We are ocean lovers
  • We are for all humans, we welcome and value diversity
  • We use creativity to design out waste
  • We believe in sustainable consumption (SDG 12)

Ocean Remedy stems from a life-long love of the ocean and life in bathers. Every chance we get, we clean up plastic and litter and aim to minimise it at every opportunity for our brand and life generally. We are leaders in microplastic research on Western Australian shorelines and one of just a few brands in the world to have analysed our fabrics for microplastic burden.

Ocean Remedy was was born from a desire for greater sustainability in swim-wear for ocean-loving women; designed better, made by happy-hands from sustainable materials. In my Fremantle store I work on minimal waste design, and am presently making our minimal waste surf leggings, custom suits and rashies in store, featuring high quality flat lock seams and the best fabrics.  Other SunSmart swimwear is crafted with Bali Cottage industry from recycled fabrics. The crew in Bali work from their studio as a team. They are so proud of every piece they produce, forging love and expertise into every garment.


beach clean up ocean remedy


Ocean Remedy acknowledges that the fashion world has a long way to go in producing a truly sustainable product. We welcome inquiries about our production and aim to be completely transparent in our practices. 

For our swimwear, we aim for SunSmart style, to reduce your sunscreen use for your own body and for the ocean. For outer-wear, we're still working on it, as our goal is zero waste design every time. 

In terms of general sustainability, we use significantly less plastic than a regular brand and most sustainable brands. From production to Australia, the garments travel protected within a reusable waterproof bag. We choose the better options in terms of packaging, shipping and the textiles we manufacture with. As such we choose only regenerated fabrics, our tags and any printing is done on recycled paper, our hygiene labels and stickers are printed using non-toxic veggie inks on water soluble paper, our mail orders are sent in either cardboard or truly biodegradable packaging. 

The foundation of Ocean Remedy is science and design. We know every product in every market makes an impact on this planet. In terms of fashion, rarely can the physical impact be positive. However, the educational and social impact opportunities are many.